Monday, September 24, 2012

Visiting New York, speaking at the Santangels conference

I am in New York on 25 October presenting at the Santangels Review investor forum. I am thrilled.

I know only a few of the other speakers - but I will tell you how I found the name of one.

There was an attendee - a very clever woman at a Goldman Sachs commodity conference in Asia. When asked about her the response was - she is fabulous. Really clever. Not Jane Siebels - but really clever.

I had never heard of Jane Siebels (and I still really don't know anything about her) but I gather that far-and-wide in that field she is considered the benchmark.

And I have been invited to speak at the same conference as the benchmark.

The other speakers look just as intimidating.

Good thing I like a challenge.


ADL said...

Congratulations. An interesting group they've put together for this. I look forward to hearing what your latest impressions are of our city, if you have the time and inclination to form any.

Garry Prendiville said...

Best of luck at the conference John, hope you get the chance to see a bit of NY as well

Anonymous said...


As the confo bio has you billed as a fraud/short secialist I assume tha is what you will be talking about - can I [perhaps cheekily] suggest that you make materials from the confo available afterwards.

Anonymous said...

Maybe you are thinking of this woman?

Mark C said...

Best wishes, John; it's a great place to visit and I'm sure you will be a hit!

Kid Ing said...

Good hunting John! Will you be having any lunches or such for your NYC-based readership? We had emailed about a few shorts (WWWW) in the past and it would be great to meet. Hope to see you in NYC.

Anonymous said...


you bio-pic isn't up to scratch. Have at look at the photos for all the other speakers. It doesn't matter that you're an Australian - you need to present a sharper image.



Anonymous said...

John - check out all Jason Jiang's transactions over the years, taking short exposure to FMCN stock. Buying Capped Calls on it and then pushing out the expiry dates if the stock tanked.

Anonymous said...

Just avoid Chinatown, please! ;-)

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