Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The Treasury held a blogger's conference call...

Apparently the Treasury held a blogger conference call yesterday.  

My readership is large enough - and my blog is on-topic.

I am even modestly supportive.

Can I have an invite next time?  



Jonathan said...

That's lame. Your posts are easily insightful and knowledgeable enough (not to mention the large amount of free labour than you put into it), that you should have been included.

Worryingly, this indicates that the Treasury are not really keyed-in to the "blogosphere" as a resource.

septizoniom2 said...

i am truly saddened you were not invited. you and david goldman are the most clear eyed bloggers about the banking issues. disturbing (but not inconsistent on its face with obama's recent statement that they do not follow the blogs).

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