Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Sir Fred not quitting

I have a British passport.

I am considering sending it back.  Sir Fred Goodwin is not quitting.

Hey - this is a guy who ran cap-in-hand to the UK government asking for money for the bank he destroyed.

In the US the Government had the decency to sack the CEO of the companies they nationalised.

Come on Her Majesty - your government is better than that!

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Anonymous said...

The decision to buy ABN has pushed this company to the brink. It was a decision made in hubris at the top of the market despite warning signs in the early stages of the credit crunch. Fred is responsible and must go. The rest of senior management should join him and go quickly afterwards. The board are a bunch of jokers, The corporate jet and the one one order should be diposed of and proceeds given to charity. Jim, London

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