Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Sir Fred Goodwin deathwatch - hopefully final edition

The press is reporting the sacking of Sir Fred Goodwin before the bank has announced it.

Three cheers for common decency.

Now deny him the termination payment.  


Anonymous said...

The decision to buy ABN for cash after clear warnings from the early stages of the credit crunch was one of the worst decisions in corporate history. It is extraordinary that Fred, Tom and most of the board who made that decision are still in place. The entire senior management of RBS are a symbol of hubris and bombast. They should all go and Fred should be the first one out the door. Also the corporate jets should be sold, including the one due for delivery next Spring.

Anonymous said...

I work for RBS and they are keeping everything under wraps. No one has said anything about us being in any kind of trouble. In fact, last week they made it seem as though we are in position to purchase another financial institution yet they have cut our bonuses by 10%. What is up with that! We should know what is going on and shouldn't have to find things on the net!

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