Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Comment deletion policy

I have started getting a wave of comments promoting commercial services in debt consolidation, mortgage workout and the like.

I delete these.

I accidentally deleted a useful comment on the oil short-squeeze - but that was because it was bracketed by spam.  To the author - I am sorry.

I have also received a wave of comments accusing all short-sellers of being criminals.  I know that view is out there.  But it is hardly constructive to repeat it here.  So I deleted them (at least in part because of the aggressiveness of the commentary).  However in fairness in keeping with this blogs policy of encouraging open comment I will at least tell you that the argument covers the full gamut of arguments against short-sellers and you can find them at the Sanity Check and other "anti-short-selling" websites.

My experience is that most people that argue against short sellers are in fact fraudsters - and they don't like that shortsellers profit from the falls in their stock.  But I will listen to other arguments.


TonyE said...

You know. Those spam guys are a smart lot. I'm sure a lot of financial execs read your blog and I bet they could use a lot of debt consolidation, mortgage workout... Brilliant!

Anonymous said...

If there are fraudsters against short selling, are there not frausters on the opposing side as well?

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